Playmat Care Guide

Before first use,

  • Remove all packaging and keep out of reach from little ones.
  • Remove velcro strap from the mat to unroll. Do not cut the velcro straps as they can reused.
  • There may be slight creases on the mat as they are rolled up tightly during the production and packaging process. These slight creases will disappear gradually as the material of the mat will settle in naturally over time.
  • Stubborn creases can be smoothed out by unrolling the mat in the opposite direction and securing it again with the velcro straps. Unroll the mat next day and the creases should have disappeared overnight.
  • Dilute baby-friendly soap in water and wipe the mat with a damp cloth before use. A second wipe down with just water is recommended to remove any remaining residues.


 Product care instructions-
  • Our mats are suitable to be wiped using mild and diluted soap, or anti-bacterial wipes for everyday cleaning. Remember to always do a second wipe down with just water to remove any remaining residues.

  • Do not use any strong chemical or alcohol based soaps to clean the mat as they could pose a safety hazard to your little one and/or damage the surface of the mat.


Product storage instruction-

  • When not in use, roll the mat, secure it with velcro straps and store it away in proper conditions.

  • Avoid folding the mat as this could leave creases that will take a longer period of time to subside.


Things to avoid,

  • Cleaning agents that contain bleach, alcohol or essential oil are not recommended to use on the mats as it will cause discoloration and damage to the surface.

  • Vacuum or appliances with bristles are not recommended as they may damage the surface of the mat.

  • Avoid placing any sharp or inflammatory objects around the mat.

  • Do not place any heavy objects or furniture on the mat that will cause permanent indents. Punctures on the mat will not be removable.

  • Do not wear shoes or heels on the mat as they can cause permanent indentation.

  • Do not use crayons, markers or pens on the mat as these may leave a permanent mark on the mat.

  • Do not expose the mat in direct sunlight or heat source for prolonged periods to avoid damage and/or discoloration.

  • Do not steam clean.

  • Avoid having pets on the mat as they might scratch the surface with their claws/nails.